Create more OOMF! in your workplace

Welcome to OOMF! workforce and personal development solutions provided by Erica Hodgson: specialist healthcare and leadership services tailored to your organisation.

Drawing on my extensive experience as an occupational therapist, coach, advisor and educator I provide:

  • Coaching for people who want to focus on their own strengths and development both personally and professionally
  • Professional supervision from new graduate to experienced staff including leaders and managers
  • Training development and facilitation targeted towards maintaining staff wellness, managing stress and risk awareness

About me:

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I am passionate about supporting people to live to their full potential. After a career working directly with clients in the health system, I have now shifted focus to working with people from all walks of life. I am a trained coach and supervisor and bring this approach to all my interactions. I love getting to know the ‘real person’ and finding out what will really make the difference to lead the life they want to live!

I am also experienced in creating effective workplaces which respond to the needs of the client, increase staff knowledge and satisfaction and build leadership potential. I use a values based approach focusing on attitudes and beliefs which reflects my background in mental health and interest in staff wellness. I enjoy seeing staff make connections between past experience and new learning, whether in group training or 1:1 sessions.


  • Roles in a variety of clinical settings in New Zealand and the UK assisting people to recover from illnesses including stress and burnout
  • Knowledge and use of brief therapeutic interventions which build on existing strengths to achieve goals
  • Project, service development and L&D roles have broadened my knowledge of approaches and audiences
  • Extensive group facilitation, training and public speaking experience and strategic communication expertise
  • I have managed the career development service (including the internal coaching programme) for the largest DHB in NZ
  • Facilitator for MH101 ( supporting front line workers across NZ to recognise, relate and respond to people experiencing mental distress


  • BA in Psychology and Organisational Management
  • BHSc (Occupational Therapy)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Allied Mental Health
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Management Studies
  • Advanced Executive Leadership and Management Program graduate (Blueprint for Learning)
  • Governance training through IoD