Organisational Coaching

Following studies in Psychology, Organisational and Business Management I have developed a key interest in leadership and developing the potential of staff, whether at the peak or beginning of their career. I have been trained in a specific model (including monitored practice and ongoing supervision) and provide coaching to emerging and existing talent within healthcare leadership across all disciplines and departments.

Coaching sessions are targeted towards the need of the organisation or person and follow the GROW coaching structure by setting a specific goal, then establishing the reality and opportunities and how the goal will be achieved. The intervention is time limited so that change can be observed around a specific goal. Ongoing sessions can be provided if the person requires support over a wide range of evolving issues.

I can offer support with:

  • Staff wellness
  • Strategic or interpersonal communication
  • Management or leadership principles
  • Change management or culture shift
  • Team dynamics
  • Succession planning and development
  • Career progression or change