Personal Coaching

What does the life you want to live look like?

How will you know when you’ve got there?

As a trained coach, I will help you to develop and work towards specific personal goals and achieve your potential. You will learn about your motivators and values and how these can be used with your existing strengths to overcome perceived challenges.

My approach follows a structured series of sessions based on your needs and progress made. This structure enables you to look at where you have come from, what the current reality is and where you would like to be in the future (your goal).

It can be used to work simultaneously towards multiple goals, or just focus on one if this carries more meaning for you.

Personal coaching is ideal for:

  • Taking stock of where you are and setting a new direction
  • Contemplating a change of career
  • Working on personal development goals such as communication or personal fitness
  • Preparing for or adusting to a return to the workforce following parental leave
  • Finding that creative spark and actually following it through
  • Surprising friends and family with a new achievement or skill
  • Taking the time to discover the meaning and purpose in your own life.

Please call me to discuss your needs and how personal coaching could get the OOMF! back into your life!